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I am Debra Butler, my son Jeffrey Xavier Butler 19yrs old and his friend Demetrius Crystal 23yrs old  were Killed July 9, 2011, in a robbery(police claimed), double homicide in Demetrius' driveway on 69th Stewart in the Englewood area.  Demetrius was found dead hanging out of Jeffery's truck were as my son Jeffrey was found dead on Demetrius' porch. Jeffrey had to be at work at 2:00am.  He was dropping Demetrius off at 1:15am.  Jeffrey spoke with his supervisor at 12:15am, and was asked to work a double shift, he said "yes".  At 1:15am he spoke with a coworker and told them that he would be there shortly.  At 2:05 am, his supervisor called his phone because she now became worried because Jeffrey was never late for work in which she got no response.  My son's life was taken due to senseless killing.  Detectives questioned 2 people who claimed they saw 3 people running at the time of the shooting. Jeffrey and Demetrius was found at 6:30am by someone walking down the street.  Their bodies were lying on city property for at least 4hrs before found.  It was said that police didn't respond to a call that came from a neighbor that called the police and informed them that she heard 4 or 5 shots between 1:30am-2:00am but no police came out and patrolled the area.  I believe in my heart that if someone would have seen something or police would have come to patrol the area my son could have been saved.

My son, Prince Jay was very respectful, mannerable and full of life and laughter.  He was truly a joy to be around for everyone that crossed his path.  He was in the Class of 2009, Honor Student from Simeon High School.  Jeffrey also became employed with Ada S. McKinley as a Health Aid, working with mentally challenged adults.  He worked the night shift and was on his way to work, but stopped to drop off his friend, when he was killed.  The day after he was  killed, I paid a visit to his job and all his patients told me stories of how he touched their lives.  A few patients showed me different gifts that my son had given them or made for them. One guy even had a Gold Cross that my son had given him.  Some of the patients also had gifts they made in remembrance of him. Jeffrey aka Prince Jay clearly touched their lives in the short time he worked there.

My son, Prince Jay, had a passion for art and music.  He loved to design clothes.  He designed his and his date's prom attire, as well as his sister and a few friends prom attire.  Jeffrey was very unique in everything he did.  He always had his own unique style.  He had what is now called today, his own "SWAG".  Jeffery's passion for music led him and his best friend to start a rap group called the Benji Boys.  This is where his title Prince Jay came from.  They acquired many songs and mix tapes over time.  They did several performances and had planned to do more but unfortunately my son will not live out one of many dreams.

My son was truly my prince.  Jeffrey was always obedient to his Father and I.  He was always there with his infectious smile and laughter, helping whomever was in need of assistance.  Whenever Jeffrey left the house, he always made sure he told everyone in his family individually that he loved them.  He always greeted everyone with hugs.  Jeffrey left behind a beautiful daughter, who was 6 months old at the time.  She was the love of his life.  She is as full of  life as he was and has my son's great smile.

His father and I are very hardworking people.  I have been employed with the United States Post Office for 25 years and his father, known as Jeff B, is a comedian that has worked all over the world.

My son Prince Jay was the third of six children, and my heart is broken.  I miss my son so much and nothing can ever replace the love I have for him.


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